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Servant Leadership Team


To ensure that the vision statement of the Pastor is being addressed and incorporated into the Parish community.  To discover the needs of the parish - To discern and plan for the future direction of the parish - To cultivate a spirit of unity and dynamic growth within servant leadership team. 


To coordinate and support the parish commissions in the implementation of their missions - To assist and enable the parish to be and become a living, dynamic community of faith - To ensure that the parishioners are aware of the nature, purpose and mission of the SLT.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Servant Leadership Team consists of 12 members each asked to serve 3- year terms, with one-third of the team cycling each year. The intention is to have a diverse parish representation through a multi-step process. The Servant Leadership Team utilizes a consensus decision-making model. Members work together in subcommittees to complete goals and work on projects towards the above-mentioned ends. Members act as liaisons to the commissions, sitting in on their regular meetings and communicating between the ministries, Servant Leadership Team, pastor and staff.

In the spring of each year, parishioners are invited to attend an information session to replace the four members cycling off. At the information center, current Servant Leadership Team members explain the workings of the Servant Leadership Team and invite those attending to prayerfully consider their interest in joining the Servant Leadership Team. If interested, the candidates complete a questionnaire, which is reviewed by the Servant Leadership Team Candidate Nominating Committee, who present their recommendations to the whole Servant Leadership Team and the Pastor for selection

To be eligible to serve on the Servant Leadership Team, one must be at least 21 years of age, be a registered and active Catholic member of the parish, free of any other significant leadership positions within the church, who agrees to accept and live up to the Servant Leadership Team mission statement and goals.

Time Commitment

Servant Leadership Team members meet monthly on the last Monday of the month with the pastor and pastoral associate to discover the needs of the parish and plan the direction of the parish.


Interested in or New to volunteering at St. Luke? Please read our Safe Environment Policy
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