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Baby's Baptism

Baptism for Infants

The Sacrament of Baptism presumes that parents are registered and participating parish members.  The actual ceremony is scheduled upon completion of the preparation process for parents which provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning, commitment, and practical aspects of the baptism of their child.  


Preparation sessions are held on the third Sunday of each month following the 11:00 am Mass at church. It is preferred that the preparation session take place during the period of pregnancy.   Please register by the Wednesday before the scheduled session by contacting the church office (see below).


Baptism for infants is celebrated first or third Saturday of each month at 10:00 am at the church.  

Contact:  Mary Adams at 704-545-1224 x 10

Baptism for Adults

Baptism for adults is received through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program.  Reception of this sacrament through RCIA is an on-going process based on pastoral readiness, which includes a thorough period of parish-based catechesis.

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