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Affiliate Programs

“AmazonSmile and the AmazonSmile logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.”

Do you shop at Amazon


If so, you can also benefit St. Luke at the same time!

The AmazonSmile program will donate .5% of all eligible purchases back to the church when you select St. Luke as your Amazon Smile Charity.

To enable this from your desktop you need to visit the following link: 


You will be able to sign in and search for the charity you would like to link to your Amazon account. 


Below is the way that we are listed with the Smile Program:


 St Luke Catholic Church

Location: Mint Hill, NC


*It is important to remember to visit the site rather than going directly to amazon com in order for your purchases to be counted towards the rebate to your charity. Purchases made directly through the Amazon com site do not count towards the smile program rewards.


If you use the mobile app you can turn on Amazon Smile from within the app (it needs to be renewed twice a year) by following these instructions:


Instructions for mobile app


Thank you in advance if you decide to choose St. Luke as your AmazonSmile Charity of choice!


Do you shop at Harris Teeter? If so, did you know that you can designated our St. Luke Faith Formation program as your organization school link? You can either sign in to your Harris Teeter account online and select the "Together in Education" section to link to our account or you can ask an employee while in the store to help you link your card to us. We are listed as below:



Location: MINT HILL, NC

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