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Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall

Parishioners and family members who need healing prayers will be added to our Prayer Wall after one month of being listed in our Bulletin.  Please continue praying for the following individuals.  To have your name removed, please call the church office.

God of all goodness, Look with mercy on all who suffer any kind of infirmity, sickness or injury, that they may be comforted. Let your hand of healing and protection be upon them. When they are fearful, ease their fear and anxieties. When they are afraid, give them strength and courage.

People holding hands and praying



Tom Acklam

Lynn Andollina

Leonardo Arteaga

Steve Bleser

Jimmy Breslin

Jean Burch

Patty Burris

Jean Burton

Gail Bush

Tom Coffey

Christine Collins

Sandra Corso

Kathy Culicerto



Pete Daly

Mike Dohn

Theo Ennis

Katherine Ferron

Frank Flynn

Elise Frye


Fr. Paul Gary

Peggy Gates

Carmela Giambalvo

Sharon Glose

Sylvia Goodrich

Julie Nicholas Grima

Carol Grigg

Gary Grossman

Carol Hannah

Jim Hannah

Gary Haines

Judy Headley

Mona Heitbrink

Florence Herbert

Nicole Holste

Sharon Jarrett

Audrey Johnson

David Johnson

Quincy Jones

Andy Kandrack

Ginny Kandrack

Eli Kissel

John Krumm

Charlotte Krumm


Lia Patta

Marian Peters

William Peterson

Lary Pierce

Marty Reed

Maureen Reidy

Veronica Renata

Maria Roche

Elba Roman

Susan Rourke

Sharon Rupp

Terry Rushing


Aiden Salas

Ed Sanflilippo

Aliza Schneider

Tom Shaul

Eric Skeen

Dean Sluja

John Sowinski

Sharon Sowinski

Chris Stafford

Sue Steagall

Jenna Stedem

Hannah Stoltz

Kilby Strickland

Frank Tauscher

Zita Tauscher

Gene Torres

Nancy Torres

Barbara Turowski


Rose Mary Ward

Fred Weaver

Myra White

Katherine Whitley

Sue Ellen Yancey

Tony Yumet

Don Yurko

Angela Zagacki



Gay Loesch

Gloria Lorenz

Nora Loughney

Michele Majesky

Sally Maloney

Joan Marcantonio

Bill Marsh

Shari Mayr

Ray Mennitt

Carol Meteney

Stan Misina

Arin Nesbit

Dan O'Brien

Sue O'Brien

Walter Ortiz


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