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Hispanic Ministry


To welcome the Hispanics in our area into our Parish to participate in the Sunday Mass, the Eucharist, and the Sacraments in a combination of Spanish and English languages. English as a Second Language classes are provided to bring the Hispanic members with the established community to appreciate and understand one another's cuture and values through mutual service and social activities. Sacrament preparation and faith formation classes are also offered. We provide support and activities on a spiritual, educational and social level with the ultimate goal of total integration into the Parish.

The Hispanic Ministry offers preparation for the Sacraments in Faith Formation, RCIA, home-schooling, interviews with the Pastor for his guidance. In the 2 plus years of our existence as a ministry, on a social level we have offered all of the Parish's activities to the Hispanics, including the Youth Group (T4C) and the various choirs as well as holiday celebrations both in English and in Spanish. We work directly with the persons in charge of training Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers for the entire Parish. Whenever the opportunity arises we cooperate with the other ministries and the events prepared by them. Father Paul offers the Mass in English and the Deacon gives the homily in Spanish.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Deacon is responsible for his role in the Mass, Sacraments, Annulments and the Charismatic Group. Designated members, including our pastor, are responsible for Lectors, Ministers of Communion, altar servers and ushers. The pastor decides upon the form of instruction for children and adults in each particular situation. The Music Ministry is called Alabare under the direction of Cynthia Leugers. There are 2 Hispanic choirs, including children and adults, and they are part of the parish-wide Music Ministry. There is a group in charge of planning social events, and a Theatrical Group for the children which includes plays along with future song and dance classes. There are 2 Small Faith Groups, one including the Why Catholic Program. Future Lay Ministers are being trained in the Diocese. Between 2 and 4 retreats are offered yearly. There is a director of costumes and props, and a young man in charge of art work. We participate in the yearly Festival, offering freshly prepared Hispanic food as well as preparing catering services at other events. We keep a list of volunteers for all of the above activities and invite and welcome all who visit us.

Time Commitment

Varied - Meet us after the 1 pm Bilingual Mass on Sundays or contact Cynthia Leugers, Lourdes Rodriguez, or Rosa Curiel. Para informacion en espanol, hacer clic aqui.

Interested in or New to volunteering at St. Luke? Please read our Safe Environment Policy
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