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Care of Creation


Inspired by the papal encyclical “Laudato Si”, On Care for Our Common Home, and inspired by the Society of the Holy Child of Jesus Associates, we promote the care of creation (our planet) through education and practical actions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help with recycling at St. Luke.
Join the core group to help plan educational and practical opportunities.
Promote Season of Creation (Sept-Oct)
Gather and share information.

Time Commitment

Recycling: visit church two times in a week assigned, about once every 6 weeks.



More Information:


No cups, straws and lids in the recycle bins at St. Luke.

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Care of Creation Informational Videos
What's the Big Deal With a Few Degrees? | Global Weirding - YouTube
What's the big deal about a few degrees anyway? Run time 9:04
NASA's Earth Minute: Usual Suspects - YouTube
Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels. Run time 1:30
Fossil Fuels | Global Weirding - YouTube
Fossil fuels are terrible. We would have been better off if the Industrial Revolution had never happened...right? The answer may surprise you.
Run time 9:26
Climate vs Weather | Global Weirding - YouTube
It's freezing outside, so all that talk about global warming is just a bunch of hooey...right?
Run time 8:03
#Film4Climate 1st Prize Short Film Winner - “Three Seconds” on Vimeo
An epic presentation of where humanity stands today and how we must all work together to make it to the fourth second.  Run time 4:17
Interested in or New to volunteering at St. Luke? Please read our Safe Environment Policy
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