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Parishioner Directory

Information contained in this directory is private and for church-related purposes only. It is not to be shared outside our church body. No parishioner may use this information to generate a mass mailing or solicitation.  Contact information is provided by parishioners as a kindness not to be abused. Use of this directory constitutes agreement to these terms.  Thank you for respecting the privacy of your fellow church members.

We are currently using Instant Church Directory for our online directory.  

*NOTE - you must use an email address that we have in the current database.  If you need to add or edit your email address so that we can include it in the database, please send an email to

Our online directory now allows you to submit changes such as address, email, phone, etc. You can also submit a photo (or change yours) if you would like all from within the site. 
Please click here to be directed to our online directory.  
If you are having problems accessing the directory -
please be sure that you that you are using an updated browser.  

If you are using a mobile device please download the free app!


Instant Church Directory is available for both IOS and Android operating systems  

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