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Missionaries of the Poor


Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) is a worldwide organization that ministers to the poorest of the poor.  Through the invitation of Bishop Peter J. Jugis, MOP in Monroe, NC became the first international mission established by the Missionaries of the Poor in the United States.

Rev. Fr. Richard Ho Lung, traveled to Monroe on the Feast of the Guardian Angels, October 2, 2008, to officially establish the Institute’s footing in the United States.  Read more about the mission at:  MOP in Monroe


The first Saturday of every month is St. Luke's Day at Missionaries of the Poor in Monroe.  We worship, pray, prepare a main dish to bring, and share a meal with the poor.  We encourage families to volunteer!  What a great way to teach your children about giving of themselves to others. 


The poor we serve do not live at the mission as they do not have that capability yet.  The mission is located at


Guardian Angels Monastery

1403 Griffith Road

Monroe, NC 28112

Time Commitment

We ask that you:

  • Prepare a main dish to bring with you to the mission.

  • Arrive at 10:00 am and depart at 1:00 pm (only 3 hours)

  • Fellowship with the poor


To sign-up and for more information, please email

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