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Emmaus Walk Companions


To encourage and support parishioners on their journey to a deeper relationship with God.  Emmaus Walk Companions are specially trained to build relationships with their assigned parishioners.  Companions are not spiritual directors or counselors, but friends.  

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in being an Emmaus Walk Companion, you will need to take a series of four six-week courses.  Classes are offered in the spring and fall.  These classes help train Companions on how to provide support and guidance to parishioners seeking to deepen their relationship with God.  After training, you are matched with a parishioner.  You meet at least once a month with your assigned parishioner either in person, over the phone, Zoom, whatever works for both you and your parishioner.

Need to Talk?

If you are interested in being assigned an Emmaus Walk Companion, please email


If you are interested in becoming an Emmaus Walk Companion, please email

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