Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion


A day of contrast…


As we approach of the Triduum, The Pascal Mystery!

These three days are at the heart of our Christian faith. The church celebrates the beginning of Jesus’ passage from life to death, to new life.


At the beginning of Holy week, we gather and join in the procession carrying “blessed palm branches,” and listen to the Gospel story of the Jesus’ Passion.

We can also take the words of St. Paul to heart, by embracing the same attitude as Jesus. Just as Jesus taught his disciple throughout his life, what his death and resurrection meant. We too can enrich our faith journey by living gospel

values. By choosing the path in an imitation of Jesus’ from the Upper Room

to Calvary. We learn from Jesus! As we walk with Christ during Holy week, at the breaking of bread, and in the tracing of his footsteps to Jerusalem. As we stand at Calvary and see where the stone was rolled away on Easter morning, we become the witnesses to the world, knowing that Gods’ kingdom has been fulfilled in our lives.


+ + +


How must I pray, in times of temptation?

~Whom must I embrace with passion?

~How do I extend the forgiveness and mercy God

has shown to me, to others?

All Faith Formation classes are canceled until further notice. 


However, you can keep up with your lessons during the shut down! You can download the weekly lesson here for grades K through 8:

*IMPORTANT - if you are asked for a code it is 1127208

Faith Formation Mission Statement 

“The Faith Formation team, as part of the community of believers will try to bring scripture to life through our living example, by learning, sharing and acting out our Catholic faith. In our ministry to our brothers and sisters of all ages we will nurture one another on our faith journey while deepening our understanding of our Catholic beliefs and traditions.

The fundamental task of catechesis is to form disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus instructed his disciples, prayed with them, showed them how to live and gave them his mission. Our Catholic faith must be known, celebrated, lived and expressed in prayer and works. All Faith Formation programs follow and adhere to the teachings of the Church, and the doctrines of the Catechisms of the Catholic Church. The team of catechists under the direction of the Director of Religious Education have been guided in spirit and instructed on church doctrine, to assist each child in achieving his or her maximum potential in mind, body, and spirit within a Catholic environment.

Six primary tasks for Catechists:

Knowledge ~ Promote the knowledge of the Catholic faith.

Worship ~  Promote knowledge of the meaning of the Liturgy and Sacraments

Moral Life ~  Promote moral formation in Jesus Christ.

Prayer ~ Teach the Catholic how to pray with Christ.

Community LIfe ~ Prepare the Catholic to live in community and to participate actively in the life mission                   of the Catholic Church through the parish and diocese.  

Service ~ To promote a missionary spirit that prepares the faithful to be present as Christians in society. 


What does a Catechist look like?

“The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch but also in      

  communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ”                             GDC, 80

For Director of Religious Education (Grades 1 through 9)  

Ellisa Hayes

at 704-545-0065 x 14 or by email at

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