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Diocesan and Special Collections

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The Combined Mission Collection is an annual fundraising effort that supports five distinct initiatives aimed at providing assistance and support to various regions. These initiatives include the Collection for the Church in Latin America, the Collection to Aid the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, the Catholic Home Missions Appeal, the United States Mission Appeal (Black and Indian Missions), and the Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa. Through this collective effort, we can make a meaningful impact by contributing to the growth and well-being of these communities and supporting the mission of the Church on a global scale.

The Seminarian Education Collection is one of the primary ways people can support seminarians and foster vocations to help meet the growing need for priests to serve the growing Catholic population.

The past 10 years have seen remarkable growth in the diocese: a 26% increase, from 58,500 registered households a decade ago to 73,700 in 2020.  By 2025, diocesan officials project the number of registered households to be 86,800.

“For the past 25 years, the Seminarian Education Campaign has given faithful Catholics the opportunity to invest in the lives and ministry of our future priests,” said Bishop Peter Jugis in his annual letter to the faithful.

In the past decade, 20 priests have retired. Fourteen priests are already serving beyond the retirement age of 70. In the next 10 years, another 31 priests are expected to reach retirement age.


Coordinated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, donations received from this annual collection benefit five organizations: Catholic Relief Services, Collection for the Holy Land, Collection for the Works of the Holy Father (Peter’s Pence), The Catholic University of America, and the Catholic Communications Campaign.

Donating to the Priest retirement fund is a meaningful act of gratitude and support that recognizes the lifetime of dedicated service that priests have provided to their communities. These individuals have devoted their lives to spiritual guidance, offering comfort, solace, and fostering a sense of belonging within their congregations. By contributing to the retirement fund, we honor their unwavering commitment and ensure that they can enjoy a well-deserved retirement with dignity and security. Just as they have been a pillar of support for others, now is our opportunity to stand by them in their time of transition, demonstrating our appreciation for their selfless efforts and enabling them to continue living their later years in comfort and peace. Your contribution to the Priest retirement fund carries forward the spirit of compassion and solidarity that lies at the heart of their vocation.

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